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222 1/2 S Marshall Street, PO Box 103, Chapman, KS 67431


American Legion Post 240

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American Legion Post 240 Chapman KS

American Legion Post 240 Chapman KS is a growing and vibrant part of the community. As our Post grows, so will this site. Please check back often for updates and information. Additionally, we welcome the comments and questions of Post members and Legionnaires from all over the world.

If you have any questions or would like to join any of the Post 240 Chapman KS programs or family, please call us at ,785) 922-6443!

"No OPLAN ever survives initial contact." - Murphy's Laws Of Combat Operations

American Legion National News

Status updated: 25th Apr, 2018
In her own statement Wednesday, Denise Rohan, national commander of the American Legion, which has more than two million members, said, "Our nation's veterans deserve a strong, competent and experienced Secretary to lead" the VA. - View Post

Status updated: 25th Apr, 2018
“While the VA is the nation’s second largest bureaucracy … we believe it is entirely manageable and effective when staffed with motivated, experienced, and competent people,” American Legion National Commander Denise Rohan said. “Our veterans deserve a properly led, efficient, and transparent VA that delivers on the American people’s promises.” - View Post


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